7 Tips For App Success

7 Tips For App Success

Making an app is quite a process. Therefore, it is a waste when the app does not reach the success that was intended. To help you in this process I have 7 tips for you to reach app success.

  1. Know your audience
    Your target audience will like your app better when you make design and functional choices based on their wishes. They will make more use of your app and are willing to pay more when your app matches their wishes.

  2. Test your app
    Crashes, bugs and bad user experience scare away users. Many of these can be prevented with tests. For example, manual tests, user tests, automated tests, a/b-tests, unit tests or end-to-end tests. Each type of testing has a different purpose, but all help to make a better app.

  3. Improve the business model
    To turn your app in a financial success you need a good business model. Ads, in-app-purchases, subscriptions, premium features and paid apps are ways to generate income. To achieve success this needs to match the concept of the app and the wishes of the users.

  4. Keep improving – release regular updates
    Improving the app by adding new features, fixing bugs or making things faster increases the value to existing and new customers. Users expect bugs to be fixed quickly and new features to be added regularly.

  5. Monitor performance
    It is easier to improve your app, when you know what you need to improve. With logging errors, measuring conversions, purchases and other events you can create the data that tells you where to improve. For example, when the number of purchases is decreasing you should investigate and fix that.

  6. Ask for feedback
    Users will tell you their problems and wishes, when you ask them for their feedback. Afterwards act on this by solving their problems and reply to them. Besides the added value of these changes, customers that feel heard and understood are more loyal and will promote your app to their peers for free.

  7. Promote your app
    Promoting your app will increase the number of downloads immensely. Some ways to do this are: asking bloggers to write about your app or app update, advertisements in other apps, posts on social media or create a video about your app.

When you implement these tips you will see an increase in the number of downloads, users will use your app more and the profits will grow.

What is your best tip to reach app success? Please post it below, so we have even more tips for everyone.

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